• Mirrorless Camera
  • Creative photograph of Neil Godfrey
  • Creative photograph of Julian Vizard and Al Young
  • HRH Prince Andrew - Creative Photography by Julian Hanford

Creative Portrait Course

Would you like to learn how to create extraordinary portraits?

Would you like to spend a day with a top London creative portrait photographer who will teach you his techniques and inspiration?

Who Am I?

Julian Hanford - Photographer

My name is Julian Hanford and my career has spanned art and creative direction in advertising, directing national TV commercials, and professional editorial, advertising and fine art photography.

I now shoot professional creative portraits of inspiring individuals from the arts, entertainment and business worlds.

So What Will You Learn from This Course?

In a very intensive day, I will teach you the fundamentals of my approach to image making – that of the photographic artist. 

My method is to develop unique ideas for portraits that go beyond merely a pretty picture of my subjects.

My intention for my images is always to resonate far deeper and tell my sitter's story in an interesting and captivating way. 

As a result of this course you'll gain the confidence to develop your ideas and your creative voice, so you can start creating extraordinary portraits of your own that will make you a much more sought after artist and photographer.

  1. An introduction to Creative Narrative Portraiture
  2. An overview of my work and approach
  3. The roots of inspiration
  4. What you need to know about your camera
  5. What equipment you'll need
  6. How to plan your shoot
  7. Lighting theory and practice
  8. Developing your theme
  9. Styling your model
  10. Shooting your picture elements
  11. Finding your background image

On the day, lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge. All you need to bring with you is your own DSLR or mirrorless camera system. Each day's course will be strictly limited to 10 students.

You will leave at the end of the day with a selection of shots that you have taken of our model against a white background, ready to composite into a final image.

What Happens After the Day of the Course?

Here is what will happen the week after you have taken the course:

  1. I will personally edit my shots of our model which were taken on the day of the course and combine them with my background choice. This whole process will be captured on screen video along with my dialogue explaining the techniques and then I’lll post this online for you to watch.
  2. Following the tips I give you on retouching in Photoshop, I will ask you to create your own version and will critique your final image for you.
  3. You will be invited to join our private Facebook Group, where you will be able to interact and post to me and all other course students, past and future.

Get a VIP Discount!

So, would you be interested in taking your creative portraiture to the next level with me?

I plan to launch the course within the next 2 months, so join our VIP waiting list and receive a significant discount of more than 50% on the regular course fee.